Best Gun Dogs is a hard working dedicated kennel that’s primary focus is to produce premium gun dogs through genetics and training. We take great pride in what we do and getting there with as minimal pressure on the dog as possible. We are devoted to the hunting dog breeds with our main focus on the Pointing and Retrieving  dog breeds. When breeding we make our selections based on several criteria including: outstanding noses, great conformation, superior intelligence, and pleasing dispositions. We love the sport of hunting, especially over good bird dogs. With our competitive nature we also like to train our dogs to compete at AKC Hunt Tests, Field Trials, & NSTRA. Most important is producing or finding a dog that will not only perform in the field but also be a companion to your home.

We have been training pointing dogs since 1997. We are located only 3 hours north of Las Vegas, NV and 2.5 hours south of Salt Lake City, UT. Whether you are looking for a pup, need some training, or just want to talk about bird dogs and hunting, we look forward to meeting you.

Not only do we train bird dogs we also have some great puppies, started dogs, and finished dogs available.

Dog training rates start at $600 per month and we use bobwhite quail recall pens and wild-caught pigeons in our training program.

Call to reserve a spot in our training program.

About Me

Growing up in St. George Utah I spent a lot of time in the hills hunting, especially quail hunting. The one thing I found out real quick was that Gamble’s quail are fast runners and they love to hang out in cactus and thick tamarack bushes. Finally one day I talked my uncle Dale Osborn into bringing his GSP (Mugs) down to St. George to help us hunt some quail. Long story short we hunted hard all day and Mugs was into several coveys helping us find birds that we knocked down in the thick stuff, making sure we didn’t loose any birds, and most of  all helping us find birds! After that day I was hooked. I had to have a pointing dog. My first dog, Ladie, was a sweet little GSP that taught me a lot about responsibility. I was only 15 years old at the time and still can remember sleeping with her on the floor in our laundry room so she wouldn’t cry all night and keep everybody in the house awake.  It wasn’t even a year later that I got my second Shorthair, Fritz, at the time he was a year old and his previous owners said that he was to rowdy and they needed to find him a home. At the time I was training dogs very heavily with the German Shorthair Pointing Dog Club of Southern Utah and one of my mentors (Robert Wells) at the time picked up Fritz and told me he thought he would be a nice dog. Robert was the owner of the famous Diamond Valley Tobe,y the Sire to this dog Fritz. Well Fritz and I hit it off and in few months we had him whoa broke, steady to flush, and working birds nicely. At that time I started to compete in AKC hunt tests and in just a couple of years was able to put a Senior Hunt Title on Fritz. I wouldn’t have been able to get this title without the help from many people involved in the SUPDC, especially two people. Robert Wells and Kent Forbush. These guys took me under there wing and taught me everything  I needed to know; like how to start a young dog on birds, obedience training, and how to compete in AKC  Hunt Tests.  Since then I have worked with various dogs and various breeds. I truly believe each dog has it’s’ own personality and needs to be trained accordingly.  Sure the  behaviors of dogs are a lot alike but the way you apply those training techniques can be different. Training gun dogs has become one of my biggest passions. I look forward to working with you and sharing my love for bird dogs.

Jared Moss

Contact us lets talk dogs. E-mail: jared@bestgundogs.com Phone: 435-421-4420

Fritz and Toby at a Hunt Test in 1999

Since that time Jared has become a skilled bird dog trainer and has started his kennels and training program in Beaver, Utah. Jared is a big fan of the versatile pointing breeds and especially the german shorthairs. Although he is currently training a spitfire of a brittany named Double Trouble Sadie. Sadie is out of NAGDC/DC/AFC Clyde’s Double Trouble and Shambo’s Dark Jess (a direct daughter of  NFC/FC/AFC SHAMBO’S DARK SHADOW) .


I live in one of the most beautiful places in Utah. Nestled in the valley below these beautiful mountains is where I live. It’s a small town population 3,000. This is where I have my bobwhite recall pens set up as you can see the grass is green and the wet spring has put a lot of water in our lakes and streams. I feel very blessed to live in a spot that allows me to work my dogs almost all year around except for when the snow and cold get really bad. I’m close to family, friends, and the hills. The mountains you see in the background have some of the best Elk hunting in state and guess you could say in the west. My brother works for a local guide service and they have taken lots of nice bulls these past years some scoring in the 397 range and one bull over 400. The Mule deer hunting is always great if your willing to do a little extra work for them.