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Communicating with your dog with out talking

Here is a great little clip of Ella quartering the field on lead. You don’t see it if your not looking but I’m communicating to her the whole way down the field by using our training collar and lead. Teaching them to hunt with you instead of you hunting them makes hunting in the field so much more enjoyable.

Number one mistake people make when training there dog they talk to much!!!!

Silent commands

Exposure training for your gun dog

Here we are taking our young German Shorthairs with us out to see the horses and to change the water!

I often get dogs in for training that just don’t get out much. When we talk to our clients about exposure training they often don’t understand the concept. Try and take your dog with you as many places as possible. This way not much new bothers them and we when we start to get to serious training the dog feels comfortable in any scenario that we put them in.

We train upland labs!

At the end of our training sessions we send out the labs to find and birds that we may have missed! It’s always fun to see who brings what back and who can find the bird the fastest!

We do train upland labs for people each year and also offer tune up courses to get the dogs in shape and ready to hunt for the fall.

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