Above Ground Kennels

We decided to add a few of the above ground kennels to the mix in our kennel. Sometimes we have a dog that just climbs out of every kennel we have. Or we have a dog that needs some special attention and we need to keep her close to the house. Whelping bitches utilize this type of kennel often. We prefer the Scott’s self build kit.

Building the floor

Adding the legs


Add the roof and the puppy


Then the sides. Make sure to read the instructions



All in all we used treated wood for the structure of the kennel. The kit includes the grated floor, metal roof, sides and all hardware to assemble. With the detailed instructions the kit had a great step by step system to follow. Scott’s has put in the time to make it as simple as possible. The door included with the kit is a simple and effective design that no escape artist can open. We are excited to see how well it functions on a daily basis.

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