New Raised Kennel

By June 19, 2012Dog Kennels
Raised Kennel

New Raised Kennel

With the many dogs we get in for training we are always looking for better ways to keep the dogs clean, happy, and healthy. For the past while we have been building onto our kennels and using a raised kennel system which we have bought through Scott’s Dog Supply . We truly love there kit you can buy but we took it to the next level. We have been working on  utilizing a system used for raising pigs and turned this unit into a 8 unit dog run for our dogs. It has been a breeze to keep clean allowing urine and feces to pass through. With the covered roof the dogs have shade all times of the day. This also helps to keep some dogs in there kennels as some like to escape. We have been very happy with this system the dogs seem to love it. We continue to  look for ideas to improve the stay of our dogs.

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