A few days ago I had a conversation with a friend here in Utah about bird dogs and training bird dogs. We talked a lot about different training methods, which we thought was the best method for training dogs. We talked about the different uses of the shock collar and bird launchers. If you should or shouldn’t  use electronic launchers, pigeons, shock collars, leads, pinch collars, wild birds, and much more. We even talked about different dog trainers here in Utah. After much debate we did agree on a few things that we felt were truly important.  The thing we agreed on the most was that there are a lot of different bird dogs. Some you can train quick, some slow. Some can retain a lot of different things at once others not so much. So to say that there is one sure fail method way to train every different breed and kind of bird dog is simply not true. For example I  own a young female Brittany, and if I so much raise my voice in the wrong tone she will start to cower from me and start to shut down. With other dogs that I have owned you could yell tell you were blue in the face and the dog didn’t care. What I’m trying to say is simply this. Every dog is a little unique and you have to be able to understand what the dog is telling you with his body language and the way he reacts to certain stimulation. This will help you mold the dog the correct way. So when the time comes you work as a team and have an enjoyable time in the field. Nothing can surpass experience. Years of training and being around dogs will continue to help you understand what’s happening with you and your dog. One thing is certain no matter the breed or dog there isn’t anything quite like watching a good dog work birds and put birds in the bag. Good hunting and Good training.

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  • daren vandever says:

    That is so true, I have a preserve in Idaho and we run 3 britts ,2 labs and a couple gsp. Each dog has a totally different personality. Some take quite a bit of a collar often cause they are hard headed. While some you barely tap with a shock collar in August and they won’t need again through April when the season ends. Each dog has it’s own way of being completely satisfied. You just get to love them all and look forward to the next day working with them!!

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