Can We Train Bird Dogs? Absolutely!

Best Gun Dogs, Absolutely!

If you are looking for a German Shorthair Pointer and training, stop looking, Jarred the owner of Best Gun Dogs is your guy! His dogs are what every hunter or at least this weekend hunter, is looking for. That’s the short.

My story started in October of 2011 when I had narrowed my search down to Best Gun Dogs and two other breeders. I talked to Jarred and sent him an email outlining exactly what kind of GSP I was looking for. Being somewhat naïve, my list was long and included traits like hunts hard but enjoys watching TV, is not a barker, within AKC standards but on the smaller side (I hunt out west for chucker, enough said about that), all kinds of important traits like these. I also inquired about his training methods and what books or DVD’s he would recommend. He answered all my questions, even a few follow-ups as well. About a month later, I locked in my order on a litter due the following spring and picked up my pup in July of 2012. During the next months, there were a few phone calls and texts asking all kinds of questions, all came back with answers. As he suggested, in March of 2013 I sent my pup (and a friend’s 3 year old GSP as well) to him for 2 months of training that culminated at the Dave Walker seminar weekend hosted by Best Gun Dogs. The very last exercise of the weekend was to shoot a bird for my pup as a reward, keep in mind my pup is 13 months old, once the exercise started she found a bird with ease and locked up on point. She was steady to flush, wing, shot and fall for two birds and then she was released to fetch, of which she did. Absolutely Awesome! As a weekend hunter that is all I can ask for. If you would like to talk to me more about my experience with Best Gun Dogs and Jarred please email me at, in the mean time good hunting.

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