I get asked quite frequently if I use shock collars in my training methods? My answer is always yes! Before you get all worked up about the use of shock collars and the way in which they are used let me help you understand what I mean. The shock collar if used correctly is nothing more than a long checkord. If you first teach the dog what it is your are asking it to do then you can simply reinforce these commands with the collar if the dog doesn’t respond. For example we teach all of our dogs to come on the command here. We teach this by taking the puppies on lots of walks and when there real young we even carry a treat once in a while to reward them for coming when called. As they get older we clip a 20 foot lead on the dog and keep walking him everyday. When you call him and he doesn’t want to come then you will give a little tug on the cord and maybe pull him in if you have to. Well pup gets the idea after a while and when you call him and tug on the cord here he comes. He has learned the command. At this point don’t take the checkord off just yet you need to introduce the shock collar to the pup the right way. Now you are going to put him in full dress shock collar and checkord and go for a walk. When you tug on the rope you are going to give a little nick on the collar on the lowest setting and do this for a week or so. The dog is associating the shock with the tug and a few weeks down the road you can take pup for a walk with out the rope and just the shock collar. Keep in mind don’t introduce the shock collar around birds. Let the dog know exactly what you are asking him to do before you ever use the shock stimulation to re reinforce the command. Used this way there isn’t a more important tool on the market to keep a dog true to what he has been taught to do.

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  • Casey says:

    Hello my name is Casey I have a 8 month old GSHP and in desperate need of some help, he is so crazy no matter how much I exercise him he doesn’t seem to stop, I know these dogs have a lot of stamina and can go forever, but I really need help with the basics like yard training, not chewing, I’ve done the check cord and I’m not having very good success, please help any suggestions would be great thank you.

  • Melissa hodges says:

    I currently have a 8 month old GSP and we are having a problem getting her to stay in our yard. We have a under ground fence but it hasn’t stopped her the last couple of days. Can you recommend a training collar? Our GSP is very important to us and we love her dearly!! Please help!

  • admin says:

    Hello Melissa,

    The training collar that we recommend is Tri-Tronics

  • Dog Collars says:

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