I recently bought two of Tri-Tronics new beeper collars. The reason I bought these collars was to be able to find me dog when he is hunting in real thick cover or like in the west if the dog gets running big in the hills you can turn the collar on and help you get a bearing on where he is at. I have been really impressed with the ease of use on this product it simply has an on and off switch on the outside of the collar. Then you can also switch the beeper on and off with the remote to the shock collar. I personally don’t hunt with the beeper sounding all the time it’s too annoying. I just turn the beeper on and off as needed. I have been really liking the collars when we go chukar hunting. I have a particular male that likes to range out a ways and the beeper has been nice to turn on and check where he is at. You could also buy the Garmin Astro dog collars which are a GPS unit that tracks the dog. But there about 400.00 dollars the beeper works fine for me. The few things I don’t like about the collar is you have to open it up to adjust the volume and or the beeper setting. One cool feature is the hawk scream when the dog goes on point the beeper will let out a scream and in theory this should keep the birds from running.  I haven’t used the scream function yet but it should work. All in all this is a great product for around a $100.00.

Beeper Collar

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