E-collar with soft tempered hunting dogs

Bella pointing a quail

Bella pointing a quail

Bella is a six month old GSP hunting dog that we are training. She is a very soft dog. Even though she is very soft we have been able to teach her  some basic commands with the e-collar. Being patient and persistent with a soft dog is the only way to train. We needed to be extra careful using the e-collar on her making sure to make it a training tool not a punishment tool. Since the e-collar can be used on such a light stimulation this served as the best tool to communicate with her. It actually worked better than a check cord with just the slightest nick we can communicate the behavior we are training for. The e-collar is one of the greatest training tools available as long as it is used correctly and appropriately.  Timing and experience with lots of dogs helps to unsure you use the collar correctly

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