2014 Christmas Puppies For Sale

Below are puppies we have available for sale that are old enough for 2014 Christmas! Give us a call and we can talk about puppy personalities, genetics, and logistic questions.



These are the puppies from the Henry X Rory Litter 2014. These puppies are showing they are going to have the looks of there sire and the go of there mother! Born August 25,2014.

Rory-Female-2-a Rory-Female-2- Rory-Female-1-b Rory-Female-1-a Rory-Female-1____________________________________________________________________________

Below are the pictures of the Puppies from the Jazz X Henry 2014 Litter these puppies are going to be some great companion hunting dogs! Born August 13, 2014

Jazz-Female-1 Jazz-Female-1- Jazz-Female-2 Jazz-Female-2-_________________________________________________________________________________________


These are the puppies from the Candi X Henry Litter this year. They were born on June 14th, 2014 and we have started there field training. Going to be some great family companion hunting dogs.

Candi-Female-1 Candi-Female-1-a Candi-Female-2-a Candi-Female-2-b Candi-Female-2-Face Candi-Male Candi-male-a_______________________________________________________________________________________

Puppies Born September 14th 8 weeks of age on October 9th 2014. We have black, liver, liver roan, white and liver and lots of combinations in between.

Dam: Sis

Sis Black Shorthair side shot

Best Gun Dogs Sis

View Pedigree
Born: 12/14/2011

Female Picks:
1- Available
2- Available
3- Available
4- Available

$200 Deposit

Sire: Tank

Male Picks:
1- Available
2- Available
3- Available

$200 Deposit

The pictures below are from the Tank X Sis Litter.Black-Female Black-Female-2 Black-Male Black-Male-2 Black-Roan-Male Black-Roan-Male-3 Black-Roan-Male-other-Side Kinsley-and-Puppy Liver-Male Liver-Roan-Female


Puppies born July 19th 8 weeks of age on September  13th 2014

Dam: Lacie


Best Gun dogs Lacie
(Rockers Rock’n Roosters X Windyhill’s Hannah Mac Duff)
Placements | View Pedigree
Born: 09/07/2009

Female Picks:
1- Moss
2- Chirs M
3- Andrew Rogers TX
4- Josh Gooch UT

$200 Deposit

Sire: Henry



Top Gun Siry Henry 2011

Hunt Test Sire of the year
Full Pedigree
Born: 12/07/2007
Male Picks:

1-Robert S
2- Brad N CO
3- Carol Templton CA
4- Available

$200 Deposit

Lacie-Male-1- Lacie-Male-1-a Lacie-Male-2-a Lacie-Mlale-2


Jared Moss

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  • Karen memmer says:

    Do you have any of the Christmas puppies for sale females with ticks? Youngest ones. Thank you

  • I am looking for a gsp black roan male. Do you ship? What is the price?

  • Tyson Tackett says:

    Is Lacy Male 2 still available

  • Larry Farmer says:

    I’m looking for a short haired puppy that is out of the hunting lineage but will weigh a maximum of 45 to 50 lbs. when grown. I know there are no guarantee’s but I also know that some breeders are going back to te smaller dogs as opposed to the tall “leggy” dogs that have been so prevalent recently. If you anticipate breeding dogs that will throw puppies that should be of this size I would be interested. This dog will be an everyday companion along with th ocassional trip to the woods.

    Would appreciate any help in finding this pup.

    Larry Farmer
    Brooksville, Fl

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