Henry X Jazz Puppies ready to go

Here are the German Shorthair Pointer Puppies from the Jazz and Henry Litter they are ready for there new homes! Going to be fantastic hunting companion dogs!  Born August 13, 2014 have been introduced to birds showing lots bird interest and socialized with kids!


Jazz-Female-1 Jazz-Female-1-a Jazz-Female-1-Face Jazz-Female-2 Jazz-Female-2-a Jazz-Male-1 Jazz-Male-1-a Jazz-Male-2 Jazz-Male-2-a Jazz-Male-3 Jazz-Male-3-a


  1. Emanoel Gutoch

    Hello. I loved the female number 2. Wondering if you would have additional photos and price on this girls.
    Thank you very much,

  2. Tyson Tackett

    Is Jazz Male 2 still available

  3. Pete

    Jazz male 2. I love the colors, when will you have another litter and how heavy do the males get?

  4. admin

    Pete we have a litter now between Sage X Henry

  5. Mickey

    Extremely Interested in Male 2 or 3. Are they still available, if so please contact me. If they are not then please contact me if you have pups.


  6. Is female number 1 available?

  7. Nikki

    Please get with me let me know if have puppies or soon

  8. admin

    Hello Nikki We do have a litter of puppies about 4 weeks of age

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