Meet chuck he’s a 10 week old male pup that’s ready for a new home. He is going to be a great bird dog with lots of style and stamina. As you can see in the video he loves birds he took the wing right off the fishing pole. He carried that quail around for ever that day. Nothing like getting the puppies out with the kids and getting some work in! We make sure our dogs are well socialized with kids! Chuck looks a lot like his sire and will be a dog that you can brag about to your hunting buddies.

Jared Moss

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  • Julie Hill says:

    We are looking for a GSP for our 3 year old grandson he has seizures and his doctor and the vet suggested a GSP. After much research we agree and now the search is on for the right pup. This pup will be with him 24 hours a day for the rest of its life. Its job will be to keep him safe around water and safe during a seizure by standing over him and keeping watch and staying alert. To let us know when he is in trouble and be a true friend to Marten. He needs the comfort that a devoted dog can give him when he comes out of it because he is normally confused and frightened. My sister had a GSP named nako for 16 years and a kinder more devoted dog couldn’t be found. His dog will go to school with him and needs to be ok with children and people in general. We live in Taylorsville UT my number is 801-910-7253 We would need to make payments on one as I don’t have much up front but we are willing to wait for the right pup. Thank you Julie Hill

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