1. Larry Farmer

    I’m looking for a short haired puppy that is out of the hunting lineage but will weigh a maximum of 45 to 50 lbs. when grown. I know there are no guarantee’s but I also know that some breeders are going back to te smaller dogs as opposed to the tall “leggy” dogs that have been so prevalent recently. If you anticipate breeding dogs that will throw puppies that should be of this size I would be interested. This dog will be an everyday companion along with th ocassional trip to the woods.

    Would appreciate any help in finding this pup.

    Larry Farmer
    Brooksville, Fl



  3. max

    i have been looking for a gsp for a long time and cant find the right one. male one stole my heart at first sight. i am very interested. please give me a call or email.thank you. max. 3058494175

  4. Victoria

    Are any of these puppies still available? If so what are the prices of them?

    Thanks! -victoria

  5. admin


    Victoria yes the Male # 2 is available still

  6. Do you have any females left ? Thanks

  7. Do you have any females left ? Looking for a good first hunting bog . Thanks

  8. Kevin Maple

    Is Male #1 still available? What is the size anticipated to be? Our last GSP was in the 60-65# size and that is more what we are looking for.


  9. Julie

    Where are you located

  10. Sharon

    Hi there,

    Just wondering if there are any males left to adoption and if you could send me prices for the pups as well. thank you so much, they are SOOO cute. My hubby LOVES these dogs.

  11. Ethan myers

    Hi, I am interested in one of your female puppies. Are they still available? Is so when are they ready? And how much?

    Please email me at

  12. Todd Jolley

    Wondering if your little female #4 is still avaliable.

  13. Bryan

    Wanted to know the price and availability on the female puppy’s ? I

  14. C J

    These puppies are all grey looking puppies. If you could send me an email so we can exchange numbers, I’m very interested in purchasing. Thanks

  15. C J

    Great* not grey

  16. Lisa

    Are either Male #1 or Male #2 still available? If so, what is the cost?

  17. tony

    Do you have any male’s left?

  18. Jadietz

    Are there any males left?

  19. chris

    What are the prices?

  20. Matthew salter

    I am very interested in male #1 and 4. Are they still available?

  21. cathy

    looking to see if you have any females available – we own a 7 month old gsp and are looking to add to our family. active family and hunters.

    thanks, Cathy

  22. Andrew

    Do you still have any left? If so what numbers

  23. how much do u want for it

  24. Holly

    Hi I am looking for a Male GSP puppy. If you have any available or any upcoming litters plz let me know thanks so much.

  25. Philip Cook

    Any puppies like female 2 or male 1 available? We are a hunting family , quali, dove and duck, but live with our dogs year round so need a smart and versatile animal.

  26. Mary Carcano

    Im wondering if you have any more puppies aviable and how much they are selling for,we would prefer a female but would definately settle for a male!

  27. Brittni

    Do you have any puppies still available

  28. Dee

    IS male puppy still available. Price. Where are you located.

  29. Kevin Murphy

    Are any of these puppies still available?

  30. David Ford

    I am looking for a female GSP for deer stalking/tracking are there any puppies still available? If not when do you expect next litter
    Thanks, Dave

  31. admin

    Hello David,

    I do have a litter planned if you want to call

  32. Tina Burke

    Hi, We are looking for a female GSP to join our family. She would be a family dog, but may help with some duck/quail hunting down the road. Please let me know if any litters will be ready soon or in near future. We prefer the liver/roan color with some black ticking, etc. Thank you!

  33. Tina Burke

    Also, where are you located?

  34. Cyndi

    Just trying to see if any of these puppies are still available?? And where are you located and what is the price?

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