Hey Jared

I just wanted to give you an update on the dog I got from you.  Now that we have had a chance to do some real hunting, in areas that have birds, I have found him to be incredible.  We started on ducks and he caught on quickly, sitting nicely in the blind, in all weather, and watching the sky, and retrieving wonderfully!

Then we went for pheasant and he is amazing.  Hard hunting, all day long.  Honest and rock solid.  This dog would hold a point all day long.  I have hunted behind shorthairs my whole life (I have owned 3) my grandfather had shorthairs and weimeraners, and Bolt is the best I have seen.  I worked at a gun dog training kennel after high school where they trained and sold so called finished bird dogs and field trial dogs (English setters mostly) and Bolt is better than any of them.  I am proud to own him!  He’s so nice with our other dogs, and our kids….I just feel very fortunate.

I thought I would pass thing along to you, along with a few pictures.  Now that I can honestly say he is a great hunting dog (any guide would kill for this dog)  I was hesitant until I knew for myself that he was proven.  Now I have no reservations about it whatsoever.

Bret Christensen

Brett Christensen,