Quail Hunting with Bird Dogs

I was able to schedule a quail hunting trip this past week with some good friends of mine. It was a blast watching the bird dogs handle the quail. All our bird dog training is starting to pay off. One of my favorite quail hunting dogs is  the German Shorthair Pointer. We have some young dogs that are starting to mature and gain more experience.  It’s exciting to watch them learn how to hunt for the gun. It always takes my breath away when watching a pointing dog work and handle a bird with class and style. On this particular hunt we got to test out some of our new bird dog equipment. I was able to use a new Tri-Tronics e-collar that provided a better transmitter range. We had a great time and look forward to Hunting Bob White quail again soon!


Jared Moss

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  • David Heath says:

    Thanks for the great time and the training with the dogs. Had a great trip. It was amazing to me to see the diferance between a dog that you had been training since birth and so call trained dogs from other kennels. I knew you were good, but I know you are truly the best dog trainer around. I think it is time to invest in more dogs.

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