Fully trained German Shorthair Pointer

Daisy is a three year old finished female German Shorthair Pointer. She has had moths of professional training, has competed in NSTRA  and placed several times even winning at the young age of a year. Daisy does it all steady to release, backs, retrieves to hand and is ready to go hunting. She has guided all species of birds she is the complete package. Daisy is also spayed. Would make someone a great family companion and hunting dog.

call for more details 435-421-4420

Daisy German Shorthair Pointer

Daisy German Shorthair Pointer




  2. I am intrested in a trained dog…. German short hair pointer. Please email me with dogs that are ready to go by August 2014. Thank you for all your time.

  3. John Nichols

    Looking for a finished german short hair for duck hunting

  4. Dan Skinner

    I am looking for a female shorthair that is mostly white, started or finished. My son has been in contact with you to finish his male Britnay so I figured I would see what you had. Let me know please. I plan to have her spayed and want her to be able to come in the house and get along with other female dog.

  5. admin

    Hello Dan,

    We don’t have any at this time.

  6. Charlotte webb

    Was wondering if daisy is still available if so how much ? If not do you have any similar to her.?

  7. John soltwisch

    Looking for well started or finished gsp call 630 212 4965

  8. John soltwisch

    Looking for gsp started o r finshed

  9. Don Kalanick

    Is the post for Daisy the fully trained GSP from April 06? I am looking for a started or finished GSP female, all liver if possible, for upland game and duck hunting. Do you know of anything available? Thanks

  10. admin

    Yes she is sold

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