Mountain Lion Hunt

I was lucky enough to draw a mountain lion tag this year. We started chasing cats in November and we killed in February. Bosman Ridge Outfitters (Jeremy, Wade, Rusell Gale) was helping me with the hunt. The effort they put into finding me a cat was extraordinary!  We had a awesome hunt treeing a few female cats that we passed on and  one really nice Tom that jumped the tree when we got there and did a man from snowy river over a good size cliff which gave us the slip. But I couldn’t ask for anything more than the animal I was able to harvest. He wasn’t more than ten miles from my house!!!! Which made it possible for my wife, son, and family to be there when I made the kill shot. The cat fell directly into a creek after he came out of the tree, so that made him a little wet. If you have ever had a interest in watching a hounds man and there dogs I would highly recommend a lion hunt. We had a blast watching the dogs track and tree these lions. I’m addicted to watching dogs perform to there best ability no matter the event!

Cat in the tree

Fell into the creek

My brother and son at the tree

My guide Jeremy Gale

My family and friends got to be there

Mr Tom


  1. This is awesome. Hope I can get one this year.

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