1. Andrew Edwards

    Hi I am interested in one of you gsp pups. I have a few questions first . I live in Arizona so if I do purchase a dog from you do I need to come there or do you send the pup to me. Also I would like to know what the cost of the dog will be . I look forward to hearing from you .
    Thank You


    Thank you Jared for a outstanding GSP pup
    She shows great promise for hunting and most of all has the best personality!Very very Smart.
    Thank you again ,

  3. Garret

    Im looking for a started GSP. we want one a year or so old. I always have a few more questions. Please email me thank you

  4. admin

    Hello Garret,

    We still do have shooter and a few more started dogs. Give us a call if your serious 435-421-4420


  5. Dave Nelson

    Jared, do you have, or know where I can get, a 1-2 year old mostly finished GSP female? I have a 10 yo female out of the Dixieland Rusty/Rawhides Clown line, she is getting tired and I want a big sister for her. I am looking for a mostly white, patched and ticked dog with liver head and tail. ON the smaller side, 42-44 pounds. If you have such a dog or know who might have one, I am interested…thanks in advance

    Dave Nelson
    El Dorado Hills, CA

  6. admin

    Hello Dave,

    I do have a female that’s almost a year old with the color you described.

  7. Tassie or Dennis byrd

    Looking for smart lab retriever started training white yellow or grey

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