The reason we got into breeding our own dogs was because of the typical scenario where we had a client bring us a dog for training some where between 6 moths of age up to a year or so. By this time the family all loved the dog and the kids had bonded with the young puppy. Dad would want a hunting buddy to take to the field and the family wanted a dog that could sleep in there bed and play fetch. Time and time again we would get a dog in for training that didn’t have the natural abilities to make a hunting dog companion. It was difficult to tell the father that the dog just didn’t have the tools to hunt. He lacked nose or pointing desire the list goes on and on. So we decide if the public wanted to have a hunting companion they could hunt with then we needed to find the right blend of dog. The dog that was as good in the field and at home. We went all over the country looking for the right mix. Over the years we feel we have perfected that blend and now have dogs in our kennel that consistently produce hunting companion dogs. We are so pleased when we receive and email with pictures and a short message stating how happy our clients are with there dogs! We look forward to many more happy clients.

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