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We do this for a living. Bring your young dog to us for proper gun dog training. We will get your dog trained to point and retrieve using live quail on our training grounds.

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Don't want to deal with the whole puppy stage, chewed couches, accidents on carpet, etc? Started dogs are a great way to go. You get a young dog with basic obedience training and a solid foundation for bird hunting. We have a started dog for you.

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Want to go hunting today with a well trained bird dog? We have several breeds of finished hunting dogs for sale. Just load em up and head for the hunting grounds. These bird dogs are ready to go hunting.

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Who says hunting dogs can't make great pets and family companions? We raise and train all the top hunting dog breeds. Call us for your next bird dog puppy or family companion.

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Thank you Top Gun Kennels

Hunt Test Sire of Year resize henry

This past weekend I had the opportunity to visit Steve and Jodi Ries of Top Gun Kennels in Iowa. I have been very fortunate to visit a lot of kennels all over the country and felt especially  welcomed into there home and kennel. It was refreshing to visit with them about there success in training and breeding German Shorthair pointers. There focus is to create dogs  “for hunting and Family companionship”.  Steve and Jodie take great pride in there dogs and training methods not only did they share there passion for bird dogs they also showed there giving personalities as Steve spoke at a local church about the importance of having structure in your home as well in your training of dogs.  What great examples of the friends you can make in the bird dog world.

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