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We do this for a living. Bring your young dog to us for proper gun dog training. We will get your dog trained to point and retrieve using live quail on our training grounds.

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Fine Started Dogs For Sale.

Don't want to deal with the whole puppy stage, chewed couches, accidents on carpet, etc? Started dogs are a great way to go. You get a young dog with basic obedience training and a solid foundation for bird hunting. We have a started dog for you.

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Want to go hunting today with a well trained bird dog? We have several breeds of finished hunting dogs for sale. Just load em up and head for the hunting grounds. These bird dogs are ready to go hunting.

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Hunting Dogs & Family Companions.

Who says hunting dogs can't make great pets and family companions? We raise and train all the top hunting dog breeds. Call us for your next bird dog puppy or family companion.

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German Shorthaired Pointer Puppy Posts

Tank X Sis litter 2014

Here is an update on the Tank and Sis litter going to be some great puppies! Born Sept. 14, 2014. These puppies have been introduced to birds and are being socialized daily. They are showing the great Versatile champion blood there dad carries. Will be able to do it all.


Black-Female- Black-Female-2 Black-Male Black-Male- Black-Roan-Male Black-Roan-Male-2 Black-Roan-Male-FaceLiver-Raon-Male-2 Liver-Roan-Male Solid-Liver-Male Solid-Liver-Male-2